Rich Combs – At Home in Joshua Tree


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”Reset, reflect, create” är mottot på Joshua Tree House – ett bohemiskt bed-and-breakfast i södra Kaliforniens öken. Joshua Tree erbjuder en mindful livsstil och en hyllning till öknens skönhet. Den här boken erbjuder en fantastisk titt in i livet på Joshua Tree.

At Home in Joshua Tree offers a peak inside this world, with Joshua Tree House founders Sara and Rich Combs bringing readers into their warm, inviting world through mindful practices that enhance the everyday. They begin by introducing life in the hi-desert, as well as their design principles, before moving through a day in the desert (sunrise, morning, mid-day, dusk, nightfall, etc.), with each chapter highlighting designs, recipes, wellness practices, and entertaining rituals that elevate and honor the ordinary moments associated with that time. Interviews with other designers, artists, and makers who are inspired by the desert, including those whose designs are featured throughout the Joshua Tree House, are featured throughout, alongside gorgeous full-bleed photographs and a complete sourcing guide.”